Grounded – Reduce your exposure to EMF’s – PurifiHome Summit June 1-7, 2015

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I am happy to be a part of this awesome panel of experts! I will be talking about how to create a healthy home free from high levels of EMF’s and RF’s. Join me June 1-7 here: PURIFI Mind is starting next Monday! Come learn how to tap into your innate gifts, quiet your […]


How healthy is your child’s school?

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How Healthy is your school? From cafeteria meals to energy use to recycling efforts, your school can have a major environmental impact – and provide opportunities to teach students about healthier, more sustainable practices. Fostering a healthy environment is crucial given that many of the nation’s schoolchildren are vulnerable to pollution: According to the Environmental […]


EcoRemedi helps create a healthy room for a little girl battling leukemia.

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  A couple years ago I helped cure a little girl’s room who was battling Leukemia. I am happy to say she is in remission now and with all the support she received, it is true, you can change you health but need to know how. Go Stella! Portland, Ore., {June 5,2010} — Portland-based Consulting […]


Learn the number one way to boost your immune system at home

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Boost your immune system and learn how so many others are benefitting and healing their bodies while they sleep. There are many chemicals lurking in your indoor environment from everything like carpets, bacteria, dust, smoke, allergens, particulates, and chemicals. If your body is exposed to these things on a repeated basis, your immune system will treat […]


Do you know what the top chemicals are that you are being exposed to everyday?

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Here’s a guide to help you navigate the top chemicals in your everyday life, choose alternatives and steer away from some who you think have been more helpful than harmful. It is hard to find products that haven’t been doused with chemicals. Be a diligent shopper, always ask if there is any chemicals added and […]


Top 10 Health Hazards in your child’s every day environment

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Find out where the top toxins are lurking in your home that could be affecting your child’s health. Learn what products to avoid and what healthy, safe ones to replace them with.Michelle recommends testing your indoor air quality for chemical VOC’s, radon, and EMR (electromagnetic radiation) – the new pollution that contributes to childhood illnesses. […]


Sleep Remedies : How to set up the perfect healthy bedroom

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Did you know that common bedroom air pollutants could be directly affecting your health, specifically the quality of your sleep? It’s true. The latest science is showing that respiratory illness is one of the primary causes of sleep disturbances. Common bedroom pollutants such as cooking gases, dry cleaning chemicals and other airborne irritants and allergens […]

Building Biology – The secrets behind the healthiest buildings on the planet

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Have you ever thought about the buildings we live and work within as our third skin? Your first skin of course is … your skin: the largest organ on your body. It does MIRACULOUS things like regulates temperature through evaporation; insulates our organs, bones and muscles from the cold; keeps us dry when in a […]