Green your Dorm – Shopping for Eco Healthy School Supplies

Shopping for EcoHealthy supplies for school

Shopping for EcoHealthy supplies for school

by Michelle Bexelius – founder of Eco Remedi

Going to college is an exciting event, a milestone that you have earned, congratulations! Here is a helpful list to make sure your four year stay is a pleasant, healthy, eco friendly one!

Reduce your carbon footprint by: -Taking shorter showers
- Using Compact Fluorescent Lighting -
- Print on both sides of the paper
-Solar charger for your ipod and computer

Moving When packing up your belongings they can use recycled boxes that are used vs. new ones. Used boxes can be found in your own zip code on Gather your friends and hire a moving company like MoveGreen.

Supplies and Backpacks Use a backpack made from recycled materials and not from PVC. REI has several to choose from and so does, lands end,,,,, and Recycled paper/notebooks –

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