A healthy room for little girl with Leukemia

Nine-year-old Stella was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) on February 1, 2010. When Michelle Bexelius, owner of ecoRemedi, heard of Stella’s plight, she contacted the family and offered them free ecoConsultation and ecoInterior services.

By doing something as simple as repainting Stella’s bedroom using high-quality non-VOC paints and primers (Dick’s Color Center and Pratt & [...]

How to reduce chemical exposures for children in everyday products.

Simple, Smart and Safe ways to reduce chemical exposures in everyday products for children.
By Michelle Bexelius – Founder of Eco Remedi

Healthy, Green Ideas for Families

Find out where the top toxins are lurking in your home that could be affecting your child’s health. Learn what products to avoid and what healthy, safe ones to replace [...]

Americans at risk of exposure to toxic chemicals - Safer Chemicals Act

Now more than ever, people have to be their own advocate on health and safety until the Toxic’s Act is reviewed and updated. They should anyway no matter what. There are still 80,000 chemicals on the market today with only 200 regulated. This has to change. Thank you Senator Lautenberg for taking the [...]

BPA found in receipts

BPA found in Receipts

My accountant always has told me, “keep your receipts”, it’s the responsible thing to do to log data and report to the IRS for “write-off’s.” After reading the recent findings that the thermal paper you receive when you purchase something has BPA in it. I am telling everyone I meet about [...]

Chemicals in ice cream

We all Scream for Ice Cream!

Why? Articles have shown that traditional ice cream has chemicals in it. Something so good can be so bad. It is true that we as consumers need to look at even the ice cream we eat in order to avoid chemicals. Many ice cream companies don’t have to disclose [...]

Triclosan in consumer products leads to widespread pollution in people and the environment

According to a new study from the Environmental Working Group (EWG.ORG), Triclosan, a harmful chemical is in many more everyday products that I thought. I have been telling my clients, children’s school, friends and family about this for many years and now with more scientific research, the proof is in the pudding (hopefully without Triclosan [...]