A healthy room for little girl with Leukemia

Nine-year-old Stella was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) on February 1, 2010. When Michelle Bexelius, owner of ecoRemedi, heard of Stella’s plight, she contacted the family and offered them free ecoConsultation and ecoInterior services.

By doing something as simple as repainting Stella’s bedroom using high-quality non-VOC paints and primers (Dick’s Color Center and Pratt & Lambert), Bexelius is proving that ecoHealthy can also be ecoBeautiful. “There is always an alternative [to unhealthy products]; you just have to pick your priorities and know what to look for,” she explains.

ecoRemedi checked the electromagnetic frequency (EMF) levels, moved Stella’s bed, and checked for lead in the windowsills. On the advice of ecoRemedi, the family is also getting new, healthy mattresses, pillows and bedding thanks to (Eclectic Home), sustainable cork floors (Eco Haus) and custom designed textiles (cool cotton). The bedroom was cleared of clutter, the stuffed animals were minimized and the space was organized to create a harmonious haven.

We also want her room to resonate with her style making it fun for an almost 9 year old and her 4 year old sister to call their own. Michelle designed curtains and a duvet cover and pillow to brighten the room.  Melamine furniture and plastic storage containers were replaced with solid wood pieces to improve the indoor air quality.

It will be a bright moment when Stella sees her room for the first time. We will be there smiling too knowing we helped improve the health of her room so a little girl can heal and grow up and fulfill her dreams.

Air Testing Results

ecoRemedi has suggested to check with the NW Natural Gas to come and see if there could be a leak or the have their HVAC system inspected to help clean the indoor air.  There were also higher levels of carbon dioxide which can result in a blocked air duct. Every room should have clean air flowing. We recommend a filter and UV light to cut down on bacteria and allergens. The room was retested and the air results were much improved.

We will test again after the room is complete and post the results on www.ecoremedi.com.

EMF results:

Readings were higher than normal at the original site of the bed. Looking beneath the room, in the basement we discovered there were many wires that were concentrated there resulting in a higher voltage reading. When the body is exposed to high amounts of voltage it reduces the immune system. Solution: We moved the bed across the room and placed a dresser there.

You are Welcome Stella! Enjoy your healthy room by Eco Remedi.

Healthy Room for child with Leukemia helps her heal.

Michelle Bexelius consults and writes about ecoHealthy living, and is currently writing a book on the subject. Her ecoInterior work has been featured on an HGTV special where she designed an ecoNursery for a celebrity mom. Bexelius’ goal is to promote healthy, sustainable lifestyles.

For more information on ecoRemedi’s ecoConsulting and ecoInterior services, please contact owner Michelle Bexelius at michelle@ecoremedi.com.