Eco Remedi creates healthy living spaces inside that imitate nature, no toxins, no high electrical or radiation frequencies. Let Eco Remedi design your space to make it  functional, creative, healthy and safe. We adhere to the precautionary principal meaning it is truly better to be safe than sorry. We want it to look beautiful too, so we don’t skimp on style, we just do without the saturated polyurethane foams and formaldehyde ridden finishes. We also recommend testing your indoor air for chemicals, allergens and radon  before the design process get started so you know what you are working with.

Health reasons to design your space without nasty chemicals.

  • VOC paint fumes linger in the air for months causing headaches, fogginess and poor sleep.
  • Fire retardants in household dust  comes from furniture may pose a health risk of decreased fine motor skills and attention in children
  • New carpet contains dozens of toxic chemicals affecting the brain, heart and lungs.
  • Granite counter tops are known to emit Radon which is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer.

Eco Remedi helps clean up a room for a little girl battling leukemia. Read Here

See an Eco Nursery reveal on HGTV Special “It’s Easy Being Green” with Michelle Bexelius. 

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