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Interiors, Landscapes, Furniture Design and Environmental testing

Services include environmental testing (EMF and Indoor Air Quality) and interior design and landscape architecture. Eco Remedi educates and inspires clients about creative steps they can take to improve their health, home and the planet. Our goal is to achieve optimal wellness by reducing the exposure to toxins in the home and workplace. Whether you’re planning on a remodel, buying a new home, or thinking about new construction,Eco Remedi will transform your space into a healthy place to work or live. We are based in Portland, Oregon although we consult and work with clients all over the world.

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Healthy Interior Design: Wool Rug, Sustainable and Local Wallpaper with non toxic glues, Zero VOC Paint.

remedi furniture design

Custom Furniture: Solid wood desk stained and oiled with non-toxic finishes. Powder coated steel. Contact us to create your next piece that will last a lifetime and never go out of style.



We offer environmental testing up to 500+ chemicals including Mold, VOC, and Formaldehyde to ensure your air quality is healthy.