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Let Remedi Homes and Gardens make your space functional, creative, healthy and safe. We adhere to the precautionary principal meaning; it is truly better to be SAFE than wait to have any health issues that could have been prevented. We help connect the dots with your environment and health. We want it to look beautiful too, so we don’t skimp on style, we just do without the harmful and toxic finishes!

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Our clients hire us to design sustainable, healthy and functional buildings and landscapes as well as furniture!
We design holistically with your health in mind so you can enjoy your new space and products free from toxins, pesticides and elevated EMF’s.

Interior Design, Landscape Architecture and Custom Furniture

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Building a home or remodeling and want to know which materials are healthiest and sustainable? Remedi Homes and Gardens helps you lessen your load of toxins in your home and on your body. We help analyze the materials and products that you use and analyze their level of toxicity from personal care products to laundry soap to mattresses. Remedi Homes and Gardens detoxes your place into a healthy space. Consulting by phone or in person (Portland, OR) 

Project Manager for building or remodeling projects (We will help you find the best materials and resources that are support your health and style).

Health Home Assessment (includes walk thru and questionnaire with report) Goal is to identify possible sources of toxins. Testing may be recommended

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Remedi Homes and Gardens is your advocate for healthy dwelling. We specialize in Indoor Air Quality and Electromagnetic Field and Radio Frequency Testing. We check for “hot zones” from inside wiring or electronic devices and appliances in the home with professional meters. We test around sitting, playing and sleeping areas where your impact is greatest. We test your air to see if there may be unwanted chemicals stemming from either outdoor or indoor culprits. We help you remedy your indoor space so you can THRIVE inside rather than endure health risks.

Electromagnetic/Radio Frequency Testing
Indoor Air Quality Testing

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